Economia e Società Max Weber

ISBN: 9788879897860

Published: 2003


Economia e Società  by  Max Weber

Economia e Società by Max Weber
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Despite creating lots of categories, Max always stuck close to the data and far away from abstractions. Theory can explain a lot, he always used to tell me, but *History,* that fickle creature, always swoops in to muck things up. Ultimately, he said, there is no final answer. We toured the scope of human history together, and he showed me some of his favorite places: the Egyptian New Kingdom, ancient Athens, ancient Rome, medieval Italy and Germany, England of the Stuarts, Tsarist Russia, party-machine America, biblical times with the tribe of Israel or St.

Peter and the gang, patrimonial Imperial China, caste-poisoned India, warrior Islam-land, contemporary Germany... Look at all this, isnt it beautiful? he said. Time after time, they keep pursuing their own interests at others expense.

Things keep getting more rational, but that doesnt necessarily mean its getting better. Then he threw some categories at me in a desperate attempt to escape his depressing liberal reformist world-view.RationalityCharismaTraditionLegitimationDominationStatus vs. ClassEthicsProphet vs. PriestOikos vs. FirmPatriarchalismPatrimonialismFeudalismHierocracy vs. CaesaropapismThe City

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