Space Bull Gary Kaupie


Published: March 17th 2012

Kindle Edition

488 pages


Space Bull  by  Gary Kaupie

Space Bull by Gary Kaupie
March 17th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 488 pages | ISBN: | 9.43 Mb

Inspired by a real cult that made news when they committed mass suicide in a belief that they would be picked up by an alien spaceship, Space Bull is a zany and irreverent journey into the imagination. This book is the epic comedy of the “fortunate forty” and their journey through the universe to find bliss in the hole of the Cosmic Donut. Led by Captain Bob, a group of wealthy academics each drinks a cyanide cocktail and quietly dies aboard their spaceship, which, just for good measure, proceeds to blow up.

Surprisingly, this is just the beginning of the tale. All forty people, plus one shoe salesman who got caught in the blast, are then beamed aboard a Voltarian spaceship where their molecules are reorganized to bring them back to life. Consequently, instead of a peaceful journey into bliss, they find themselves facing hostile aliens and dangerous planets.The many characters all have interesting back stories and quirky personalities. Included here is Stick, who chews garlic constantly and lives his life according to the philosophy that nothing has meaning, Susan, who is very uptight but also surprisingly tough and loyal, and Captain Bob, who wants only to experience the joy of pure freedom but instead rapidly descends into madness.

The nonhuman characters are just as colorful. Particularly amusing is Kate, a banished angel and Keeper of the Left, who is in trouble for bad-mouthing God, and Annabelle and Betsey, two cows that accompany the humans on theirjourney. The cows are smarter than the humans and they are full of attitude. Their endless and often crude commentary on the events of the story, not to mention their frequent cow puns, provide much of the humor in the book.

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