Daughter of the Light (Light, Life & Magic, #1) Louise Andersen


Published: 2011

Kindle Edition


Daughter of the Light (Light, Life & Magic, #1)  by  Louise Andersen

Daughter of the Light (Light, Life & Magic, #1) by Louise Andersen
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Never having known quite where she belongs or even who she is, Enilia faces cold terror when she wakes up to find out that Elior left. After all, he is where she belongs, who she is, he is her everything and she has never been without him before. She sets out alone to find him again, never caring that it’s quite dangerous for a young woman to ride alone across Laru in these times as the Dark is once again rising.Torn between the human race and the ainatunarit, hiding a secret that might get her brother killed if revealed, Enilia begins an adventure she couldn’t have never imagined.

She meets the ainatunari whom she always longed to know. Her father’s people. Elior’s people. Finally along like-minded people she finds that she still has to find out just who she is, not really ainatunari, not really human. She is a jani. A half.Falling in love twice in one week doesn’t help. First the calm, the perfect one. The man she has known before in many lives.

Her true ceria. Then the haughty one. The strong, fierce and willfull man who can ignite everything in her. Another dilemma. Another choice.But how can you expect someone to love when you can’t love yourself?And evenmore, the ainatunarit is heading for war. The final war against the Dark.

It is strong again, led by the Karawians. The dark people, consumed by Dark, with shadows beneath their skin. Longing only to be the highest power in the world. And the human race isn’t aware of the growing threat. The ainatunarit must go to war, and they must make the hardest choice of all and leave the world to return to their own dimension. The human race has chosen a different path for their future. A world without magic, a world without Light.Enilia journeys with the ainatuarit to the war while fighting a war of her own.

The war between her human side and her ainatunari soul. A war between her belief and her fear. A constant battle to believe that she, too, can be worthy of love, that someone can love her for who she is.This is the story of how an old legend is fulfilled. It is the adventure of the Light versus the Dark, of good versus evil and those who see beyond that apparent reality. Its the story of the young woman, Enilia, who struggles with life, love, and finding her own identity in a world, which is rapidly changing.

A war is approaching hastily. The humans are taking over the world unaware of the threat, which the growing Dark over Karawia proposes. The humanlike race, ainatunarit, is the only ones aware of the great threat from the Dark and they gather one last time to war against the Dark before they leave the world to the humans. Enilia has grown up among humans and she is not used to the ways of ainatunarit, and with her constant struggle to figure out everything around her, the meetings become somewhat troublesome.

She ends up playing a great part in the final war which decides the fate of her kind.A story of Light, Life & Magic. Of a changing world. A story of a young womans life, the life of the wise, the powerful, the strong and the weak. The story of a playful cat, a wise lammasu, a very clever wizard, a story of love, tears, of loss and victory, learning and knowing.Daughter of the Light is the first of five novels in the series.

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